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Backup Server Service is a must-have for enterprises these days. Judge yourself. Today’s servers are at the heart of any business. Customer databases, internal and external correspondence, websites - that’s just most obvious things that are commonly maintained by them. The value of data and the complexity of tasks made by servers increases with each day, and so does the importance of using backup server services.

Version 7.6, built on September 29, 2014
22.5 MB, 32-bit (above) or 28.8 MB, 64-bit version

Unlike other backup software that allow backing up particular types of server data, Handy Backup provides an all-included backup server service featuring an easy way to back up Exchange servers, databases, documents, and whatever other data through one convenient user interface. Handy Backup is designed for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 7.6, built on September 29, 2014. 22.5 MB, 32-bit (above) or 28.8 MB, 64-bit version
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 940 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

One of the key advantages you get as you go for a Windows backup server service by Handy Backup is centralized control: your network workstations are regularly backed up from a single control point.

Backup Server Service Software

Handy Backup is just the right solution if you want to avoid the mess of using multiple different server utilities and need a full-featured backup server service software for all types of data. Handy Backup provides a rich set of features to safeguard server-specific data:

  • File server backup. The utility features incremental and differential backup, providing most effective use of your storage space. Its highly-effective data indexing engine allows backing up more than 1 million files in one task, with very moderate resource consumption.
  • E-mail server backup. The product can perform hot backup of your Exchange stores with all e-mails, addresses, calendars, etc. The software supports all popular versions of MS Exchange: you only need to click Exchange in the menu, and the program will automatically detect it and add it to a task.
  • IBM DB2/Lotus Backup. The program is the most popular solution for IBM DB2 data server and Lotus Notes/Domino. Compatibility with IBM technologies is verified by “Ready for IBM Lotus” and “Ready for IBM DB2” certification logotypes.
  • Database backup. The featured solution has a very powerful functionality related to backup server service for database management of different types. There are advanced MS SQL Backup and Oracle Backup plug-ins, as well as a common Database Backup plug-in which uses ODBC connectivity to back up MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro and other databases. Everything is backed up using hot backup technology which means that you don’t need to stop the server for backup server service to proceed.

The program also has the full range of “common” features of a backup utility, such as ZIP backup compression, encryption, scheduling, etc.

Centralized Enterprise Backup to a Single Backup Server

In addition to a variety of server-specific features, the software solution is also available in an enterprise backup edition called Server Network. The edition allows you to install client software on networked workstations and have them backed up to a one central server, on a client-server scheme.

To learn more about the backup server service, please see Server Network feature page...

Check Handy Backup, the market’s optimal price-and-power backup server service!

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