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Handy Backup Home Standard

Handy Backup™ Home Standard will back up most important documents and programs on your computer - while you sleep, work, or have fun!

With a rich set of features and well-thought user interface, the program is known as one of the best backup software for home and office PCs.


$39 per license

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Volume Discounts
1 license$39 per unit
2-9 licenses$33 per unit
10-49 licenses$31 per unit

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«I like Handy Backup because it has a simple interface and it is easy to recover individual files from the backup set».
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Free Email, Phone, Internet Support

  • We provide free technical support and assistance and are ready to help whenever you have any problems or questions regarding our software.

Automatic Updates, Regularly Improved

  • We are constantly developing new functionality to make Handy Backup more useful and keep its feature set in accordance with the market demand. For example, we recently put a lot of efforts to develop Handy Backup for Android mobile devices.
  • We carefully watch for updates of all applications that Handy Backup can currently back up. Partnerships with such companies as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle help us to always keep the utility compatible with the latest version of their products.

Multilingual Interface

  • Handy Backup is available in Engish, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Chinese and other languages. See all languages of Handy Backup...

Easy Backup

  • Task-based Wizard-driven interface
  • Flexible scheduler to make all tasks run automatically
  • Command-line interface
  • E-mail notifications about all results
  • Restore backup with a single mouse click


  • All backups can be saved in native formats (doesn’t require Handy Backup to restore them)
  • Integrated compression engine can create either a single ZIP backup file, or multiple ZIP files per each task item
  • Capability to run backup as Windows service

Secure Backup

  • Back up with 128-bit encryption

Variety of Items to Back up

  • Back up files, folders
  • Rich functionality related to email backup:
  • Variety of free plug-ins to back up Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop and other applications that you’ve tweaked to perfection!
  • Back up pictures, Powerpoint presentations, media files and whatever you want through file filtering
  • Back up websites that you can access via FTP, through the backup from FTP feature

Variety of Backup Storage Media

  • Backup to various storage devices: HDD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, network drives
  • Backup to external drives (USB, FireWire and Flash backup)
  • Integrated Remote Backup Service

Management and Control Functions

  • Backup verification after burning to optical discs
  • Run as Windows service
  • Email notifications
  • Backup with timestamps
  • Other program to run before/after running the tasks
  • Backup of missed tasks

Easy Data Restore

  • Scheduled restore
  • Selective restoration of individual task items
  • Backups are saved in native formats

Data Synchronization

  • One- and two-direction folder synchronization
  • Synchronization with FTP servers

Handy Backup is not a resource-consuming utility

  • Handy Backup is a reliable backup solution designed for Windows OS:
  • If you need to back up Linux data, you can run the software in Linux with the Wine compatibility layer
  • The program requires approximately 25MB of free disk space
  • Memory usage is relatively low: 128 RAM should be enough

Internet connection is required for registration purposes and if you want to keep your data on a remote FTP-server.

Free Plug-ins

Easy backup of settings, history, profiles, skins, contacts and your other data of popular applications:

Advanced Plug-ins

You can extend Handy Backup functionality with our additional advanced plug-ins:

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