Oracle Backup and Recovery

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Oracle database is a major player of the global database management systems market. Its translated into 63 languages and offers consumers very wide choice of products and services, lifetime technical support and many other benefits. However, its still necessary to perform backup of Oracle databases to be able to restore them in case of loss or damage.

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With Handy Backup you can back up Oracle database in two different ways. There is a general Database Backup plug-in which backs up database tables through standard ODBC drivers, and a special Oracle Backup plug-in which gives more accurate results but can be used on a local PC only.

This page describes the first approach. Learn about Oracle Backup plug-in...

The Database Backup plug-in of the Handy Backup software lets you back up Oracle databases automatically on a regular basis. The program provides you a wide range of options regarding Oracle backup you can select backup destination, choose level of compression, set up timestamp formats (if you want to have multiple revisions of backups), select specific Oracle tables for backup, etc.

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Oracle backup can be performed with Handy Backup Home Professional edition, but you can also use it if you supplement Standard edition with the Database Backup plug-in.

Learn about other editions of Handy Backup...

Oracle Backup Features

Handy Backup offers a wide range of instruments that will help you to back up your Oracle databases. These include:

  • Full and partial Oracle backup depending on your needs, you can back up only specific tables of your Oracle database.
  • Local and networked Oracle backup the database you are going to back up doesnt necessarily have to be located on your PC, they can be stored on any workstation on the network.
  • Encrypted Oracle backup Handy Backup can use a powerful encryption algorithm to forbid access to your data without a password.
  • Email notifications with this option enabled, the program will automatically inform you about results of all backup tasks.

Backing up Oracle with Handy Backup

With Handy Backup you may no longer worry about your Oracle backups the program will take care of them. There are multiple features that will undoubtedly benefit to all users:

  • Compress your backup integrated ZIP compression allows you to save your storage space, time and traffic (e.g. if you need to backup to FTP server)
  • Scheduled backups the program completely automates Oracle backup allowing you to do other, more important things.
  • Enhanced performance the multithreaded technology helps complete your backups faster and saves time and system resources for you.
  • Backup to any destinations Handy Backup fulfills your safety needs allowing you to backup to DVD, backup to external HDD, and to other destinations, or use our Online Backup Service...

Handy Backup has modular structure and allows to back up MySQL, backup MSSQL, back up MS Access, backup DB2, back up FoxPro, backup PostgreSQL, back up Interbase and other databases (see database backup restrictions) with the use of a single plug-in.

To learn more about Oracle backup, please refer to Database Backup in the User Manual.

For a full list of features of the program, read backup features of our software.

Handy Backup will do the best job to back up your Oracle databases!

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    What to Back Up

    My Documents backup - one click backup of the My documents folder including pics, videos, music, text files

    Website backup - most reliable solution to protect your business web representation

    Disk Image Backup - back up your hard drive by creating a hard drive image and saving it to the storage medium

    MySQL backup - simple, comprehensive backup of the MySQL database tables

    ODBC Database Backup - back up any ODBC compatible databases including MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Interbase, MSSQL, DB2, MS Access, Postgre SQL etc.

    Where to Back Up

    Backup to DVD-R - record your backups to DVD-R with our in-built DVD burning tool

    Backup to CD-R - record your backups to CD-R using data encryption and compression with one click

    Backup USB - back up your data to any USB connected device such as USB flash key

    Backup to FTP - transfer your backups to remote FTP server for more data security

    Backup from FTP - back up data stored on a remote FTP server to your local computer or any removable storage medium

    How to Back Up

    Backup with ZIP compression - backup with 10 levels of Zip compression saves storage space

    DVD backup verification - makes sure your data are restorable from DVD copy you made

    Synchronizing files and folders - one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers

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