How to Register Handy Backup

Handy Backup is distributed as shareware. During the 30-days trial period you can use all of its features including all plug-ins available in Handy Backup Small Server edition. After expiration of the trial period, the program must be registered, or otherwise it stops working.

Obtaining Serial (Registration) Number

  • The exact functionality of the program after registration is defined by the serial number. Each number is unique and depends on the edition that you purchase (Home Standard, Professional, Small Server or Network Server). It is delivered to you via e-mail immediately after the payment is processed. To learn more, please refer to the Order section.
  • When you register Handy Backup, some of its features may stop working (as compared to the trial version). This applies to all features that are not included into the edition that you purchased. If at a later time you encounter the need to use the functionality that is unavailable, you can always enable it by upgrading your serial number. See Upgrades for details.

Registering Handy Backup

The program can be registered in two ways: online (requires Internet connection) or via e-mail. Once you’ve purchased Handy Backup and received your registration key, you need to register your copy of the program. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Run Handy Backup as administrator.

To run the program with administrator privileges, right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Run as administrator. Depending on your current account privileges, you may be prompted for a password.

  1. On the Help menu, click Enter your serial number, or click the Register now! button on the program toolbar.
  2. Enter the registration key provided to you.
  3. Click Register. If you are not connected to the Internet, click Register by e-mail.
Registration of Handy Backup

Registering Handy Backup by E-mail

If you choose registration by e-mail, the application will generate a message with all necessary information and open it in your default e-mail client. If you dont have an e-mail client, the registration information will be displayed in a new dialog window. You will need to send this information to Upon receipt, we will send you a ZIP archive with a registration file. To complete the registration, you will need to extract it and open it on your computer.

Registering Handy Backup by e-mail

Note: The registration e-mail contains strict information about the computer on which Handy Backup is installed. This information is essential for the process of registration, and will not be given away. The application is registered to a particular PC and cannot be used on other computers, therefore the file sent to you can be applied to your PC only. If you purchase a new computer, you will need to send your registration key to our support team and we will either extend your current license to be fully functional on new hardware, or send you a new registration key.

If you experience any problems during the registration process, please contact us at We will be happy to assist you with the registration.

Registering Online Backup Service account

Once you’ve purchased storage space on Novosoft Online Backup Service and received your registration key, you need to activate the account. Please do the following:

  1. Run Handy Backup.
  2. Create new task. Choose any file or folder you want to back up.
  3. Select Online Backup Service as destination of backup.
  4. Enter your account information (login, password) in the appropriate fields.
  5. Finish creating the task and run it.

The first time you upload a file to our remote backup service, your account will be automatically activated.

If you experience any problems during process, please, contact us at

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