Automatic Data Backup, Synchronization and Disaster Recovery Software

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If you are looking for an automatic data backup and restore tool, we are glad to present you Handy Backup. It is designed for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista and 2003/2008/2012 Server operating systems, and has an extensible architecture to fulfill a perfect balance between rich functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Data backup is a very vast matter, and Handy Backup has been thought out well to be useful for any user, and to serve various purposes:

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Where to store data backups?

With Handy Backup you can back up your data to virtually any storage:

  • CD/DVD
  • WebDAV
  • Blu-Ray, HD DVD
  • Local or external HDD
  • USB
  • Amazon S3
  • Online data backup

Besides, Handy Backup has a great many of additional features (such as backup scheduling), aimed to provide comfort and security of data backup and restore. Read more about backup features of our software...

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    +1 (707) 703-13-11

    Handy Backup Standard

    $39 per license

    Upgrade to version 7

    Volume Discounts
    1 license$39 per unit
    2-9 licenses$33 per unit
    10-49 licenses$31 per unit

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    What to Back Up

    My Documents backup - one click backup of the My documents folder including pics, videos, music, text files

    Website backup - most reliable solution to protect your business web representation

    Disk Image Backup - back up your hard drive by creating a hard drive image and saving it to the storage medium

    MySQL backup - simple, comprehensive backup of the MySQL database tables

    ODBC Database Backup - back up any ODBC compatible databases including MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Interbase, MSSQL, DB2, MS Access, Postgre SQL etc.

    Where to Back Up

    Backup to DVD-R - record your backups to DVD-R with our in-built DVD burning tool

    Backup USB - back up your data to any USB connected device such as USB flash key

    Backup to FTP - transfer your backups to remote FTP server for more data security

    How to Back Up

    Synchronizing files and folders - one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers

    Who uses our backup software?